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Surgical Instruments » Scalpels | Ishaq Surgical
Trocars, Suction Tubes, Cannul..
Bone surgery
Bone surgery
Cardiovascular Surgery
Eurosurgery, Laminectomy
Stomach, Intestines, Rectum
oral maxillo-facial surgery
Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery
Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery
Hygiene Storage
Extracting Forceps
Explorers, Delicate, Flexible,..
Amalgam Pistolen
Instruments for Root Fragments
Tooth Forceps for Children
Scalers, Curettes
Titan handels,Working tips
Grinding Stones, Sterilizable
Periodontal Instruments & File..
Raspatories, Files, Chisel
Mucotome, Tongue & Plasters Sp..
Micro Scalpels, Gingivectomy ..
Periodontal Surgery Sets, Muns..
Endodontic Microsurgical Set
Mouth Mirrors, Handles,Napkin ..
Tooth Tweezers
Mouth Gags, Retractors
Gum, Surgical, Ligatur, Bandag..
Dissecting, Dressing, Delicate..
Towel Clamps
Awls & Suction Instruments
Bone Curettes
Bone Rongeurs, Bone Cutting & ..
Needle Holders & Needle cases
Aspira-Plus, Water Syringe
Osteotomes & Mallets
Reposition Forceps
Plastic Filling Instruments & ..
Burnisher & Nerve Instruments
Instruments for Removel of Roo..
Impression Trays
Crown Instruments, Removing Pl..
Waxing Instruments
Pliers for Technic, Orthodonti..
Wire Bending Pliers & Wire Cut..
Rubber-Dam Instruments
Matrices, Matrix Retainers
Composite - Instruments, Freib..
Separating Forceps, Band Seate..
Kidney Trays, Round Bowls, Gua..
Hair cutting Scissors
Barber and Dressing Scissors
Professional Thinning Scissors
Nail and Cuticle Scissor
Fancy and Printed Scissors
House Hold and Taylor Scissor
Multi-Purpose Plastic Handle S..
Eye Brow Tweezers
Multi-Purpose Tweezers
Face Black Head Cleaners and N..
Cuticle and Nail Pushers
Nail Care Products
Cuticle Nail Nippers
Nail Cutters
Acrylic Nail Cutters
Shaving Razors & Belts
File Scrapers & Cor
Nail Clipers
Different Packing & Kits
Beauty Care Kits
Barber Kits
Cuticle Fine Scissor
Eye Brow, Jeweller & Watch Twe..
File & Tip Cutters
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Surgical Instruments » Scalpels
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Dissecting Knives
Dissecting Knives
  Art # : IS-RI-001


Autopsy Knives
Autopsy Knives
  Art # : IS-A-002


Cartilage Knives
Cartilage Knives
  Art # : IS-A-003


Post Mortem Knives
Post Mortem Knives
  Art # : IS-A-004


Brain Knives
Brain Knives
  Art # : IS-A-005


Blade Holders / Blade Breakers
Blade Holders / Blade Breakers
  Art # : IS-A-006


Blade Holders / Blade Breakers
Blade Holders / Blade Breakers
  Art # : IS-A-007


Blade Holders / Blade Breakers
Blade Holders / Blade Breakers
  Art # : IS-A-008


Blade Holders / Blade Breakers
Blade Holders / Blade Breakers
  Art # : IS-A-009


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-010


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-011


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-012


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-013


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-014


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-015


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-016


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-017


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-018


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-019


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-020


Scalpel Handles
Scalpel Handles
  Art # : IS-A-021


Scalpel Handles, Micro Scalpel Blades
Scalpel Handles, Micro Scalpel Blades
  Art # : IS-A-022


Amputation Knives
Amputation Knives
  Art # : IS-A-023


Interosseous Knives
Interosseous Knives
  Art # : IS-A-024


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